I am a designer, passionate about UX and
digital products.
As an industrial designer, I’ve worked on many inspiring projects, with talented people across different organizations.

 With a problem-solving mindset,
I help my clients to create designs that
are aesthetically pleasing, technically refined, and easy to use.


Aline Villaca

UX designer 

“Eyal was my mentee on a consultancy project.
Even though he was still taking his first steps as a UX designer,
he brought up his previous professional baggage.

He has his keen instincts, learns fast and isn’t afraid of the new.
Besides that, I can also tell he is a pleasant and easy going coworker.
I hope we can work together again in the future.”

Idan Nesher

Product Designer 

“I have been working with Eyal for the past year on my startup here in Berlin.

Working with a group of UX designers Eyal was a big part of the user research and data analysis.
He has great instincts about user interviews and was quick to find solutions in team workshops.”


I’m always interested in working on new products.
Hit me if you need to chat with me about your project!
eyalgozani@gmail.com – LinkdinInstgram