Play With

Social community for outdoor
play dates

Key Duty

User testing
Ux solutions
Site research

The Team

1x UX designer
1x Mentor

Tools Used

Adobe XD

My Role

UX/UI Designer


Jun- August 2019



competitive analysis Background reaseach


Personal interview Online questionnaire




Design solution

The Problem

I wanted to create a platform where single parents can have a play date for their kids, and enjoy more time outside. First, I had to understand: what parents need for a play date? what are their priorities? what makes a good connection for the kids and parents?

The Process

1. Personal interviews with parents to figure out what makes a good play date for the kids and mothers.

2. Online questioner aimed to test my assumptions from the personal interview on a wider scale.

Project goals

After forming a clear strategy for the project I had set up my goals for the research to find out what will make the best platform for a play date and answer all the needs of parents and kids alike.
Goal #1: Create a platform for parents and kids to share time outside

Goal #2: Understand how to create good matches for a playdate

Goal #3: Form a local community for outdoor activities


Framing the problem

When I set down with mothers to do the first round of interviews all of them said they want to spend more time outside with their kids.

Spending time with the kids outside takes planning and involves logistics that can be a hustle for one person and the experience of sharing it with other parents can make it easier and more enjoyable.

Taking to heart what I learned from the interview here are some key findings:

Pain Points

  • Taking the kids and all the
  • Can’t take eyes of the kid
  • The kid gets bored alone
  • Need the motivation to handle logistics


  • Spend more time outside
  • Meet parents for outdoor activities
  • Having a playmate for the kid
  • Another person looking over the kid

App goals

  • create events based on time and location
  • Make matches based on parents preferences
  • Form a local community for outdoor play dates


User testing 

After the personal interview, I wanted to reach a wider audience to check what are the important points for people and what makes for a good match.
I posted the questioner on a Facebook group for new moms. 18 people replied which gave me a good indicator of parent’s preferences. ​

How long is your play date?

Would you use this app?

23-37 years old

What makes a good match?

Distance from home?


The questioner confirmed that the parent’s priorities their kid’s age. They wanted the playmate to be within the same age range, educational background, and hobbies.
People are looking for a play date outside ​within 15 min of their house for an hour or two of activities.

#Insight1 parents prefer that kids match their preferences on top of their own criteria. (age, education, hobbies, etc)

#Insight2 they clear an hour or two for the activity and are not looking to get far from home.

#Insight3 people were thrilled about the opportunity to spend more time outside and 90% said they would use an app like this weekly!



By this point of the research, it was getting clear who is the MVP,s and which features are needed to create the app.

People have different needs and qualifications for a good match that needs to be addressed.

Distance and time of events are consistent between parents.

Minimum Viable Product features: 

Map base event

Chat & Notification

Explore & create meetup

Shared parent kid profile


Turning Scribbles To Prototypes

With all my research and conclusions in mind, I started building the dashboard.
Starting with some rough sketches on Balsamiq, I drew up some ideas on the whiteboard, sought feedback from my mentor Angelo and then brought the final ideations to life in Adobe XD.

Design and Flow

With all my research and conclusions in mind, I started building the dashboard. Starting with some rough sketches on Balsamiq, I drew up some ideas on the whiteboard, sought feedback from my mentor Angelo and then brought the final ideations to life in Adobe XD.

Create meetup

Choose time, location, and who is attending the event. Filter who can see the event and add details about the meetup

Find meetup

The feature is designed to explore upcoming meetups in the area. You can choose time and location with an adjustable filter.
Once you set your preferences you can message the people within your time frame and set up a date.


Shared parent and kids profile. making a good match for the playdate. with contact and general information for parents and more details about the kid’s hobbies and education.

Home Filter and Chat

The home page shows you current events in your area.
Using the filter parents can focus on the meetup best suited for their child. Chat with friends and create local bounds.

Results & Learnings

After making the prototype we tested the new design on earlier participants.
Looking to see how the users react to the new version.
Users have found the app easy to navigate and liked the overall look of the product.
I had a lot of parents reaching out to me to see how can make this app happen.
Taking a meeting with an investor I learned that security issues surrounding the app are too much of a liability for an app to be funded.  This was my first project and it was just intended for learning purposes in mind.
This project thought me a lot about how to use UX tools to identify user needs and test the results.